Thursday, 6 April 2017

What if?

Today I had a massive asthma attack, good old Spring!  Hayfever had started a few days ago, runny eyes, blocked nose - you get the picture.

Today I couldn't breathe. My nose was blocked, I struggled for breath, started to feel dizzy, ran and got my inhaler, took two puffs - no difference. Panic set in.  We have a Doctor's office about 5 minutes away from my house.  But no Doctors, the office was open, and luckily a nurse was taking her surgery. I raced round in the car gasping for breath, and avoiding delivery vans blocking the road by driving on the pavement.

The nurse was really efficient and calm, which was more than I was!10 inhaler puffs later, shaking like a leaf from the adrenalin, and with a massive headache, I was feeling better. I sat for about an hour in the office.  I have to go back to the Doctor's surgery tonight, it's about 12 miles away, just to see what caused it.

What if there had been no-one at our village Doctors?  What would I have done? I can't drive down country lanes feeling as if I was going to faint at any moment.

Our village has grown by 500 houses, that's more children for the tiny school and more people for the Doctors.

But the doctors are cutting back, there are no new Doctors coming out of medical school who want to be GPs. Our practice can't even get locums to cover holiday leave for our Drs.

Soon our local hospital will close and the nearest A&E will be an hour away in the centre of Oxford.  With my allergies and the need for immediate treatment I wont live long enough to get there.  I'm not the only one in the village with health problems like this.

There is no more money for the NHS despite promises made during  BREXIT. It just isn't there.  My life was saved two years ago during an anaphalaxsis by a lovely Polish doctor.
The health service will be severely undermined if European health professionals have to go back to Europe.

What is the matter with people? We are all human beings, if we all pull in the same direction we will get where we are going faster.

I can't watch the News. It is the Despair Squid - (from Red Dwarf) of News.    
Image result for red dwarf despair squid

But I want to live be healthy and contribute to this world,and I want people to stop being such arses to each other - lets live on this little blue planet and have fantastic times while we still can - for some of us it may not be that long.


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