Thursday, 1 February 2018

What's it all about Alfie?

Wish I knew, the depressing film Alfie, that Cilla Black sang about were dark times. Full of predjudice, promiscutity, abortions, and yet Alfie was a comedy!

Not much to laugh about these days either.

Comes to something when watching Vikings on TV is a relief from real life!

Sick of the news, some days I can't watch it.

What I'd like to see is Nazazin Zaghari Radcliffe get out of prison and re-unite with her daughter and husband again.

Teresa May resign - she's not coping - and I am sick of seeing an old lady in designer dresses with knobbly knees and big banana feet trying to pretend she knows what she's doing.  Lets face it she's not Mutti (Angela Merkle).  

May was hated by the Metropolitan Police when she was in charge of them, incompetance shone forth in everything she did.

Just saying things in a stern voice does not make it true or good. She certainly does not speak for the 48% of people who wanted to stay in the EU. Or the Irish or the Scots.

Boris Johnson the British Trump..... It's time he left to spend more time with his family if he's got one - or like his sister and father do TV game shows Like I'm a Celebrity and Pointless. I'd love to hear he'd given up politics.

But day after day, week after week, the news gets worse and worse, people don't break up with their boyfriends/girlfriends any more - they stab them up or throw acid at them. When did ordinary working class people become these thugs?

Every terrestrial tv show that is popular - Like Vikings - is chock full of violence. 

Yet teenagers who steal cars and drive them into other kids or trees are wept over like heros when their stunts go wrong and they die by their own actions.

Where I work is a museum full of beautiful and wonderful things collected by a man who wanted to share his love of art with the public. They don't see his generosity, they see his riches and are jealous of his collection. They have a go at us the Guides and the Room Wardens, always wanting to know where the prostitutes were kept, and did they creep in
to the Maids rooms?

The family at the time were decent people, still are, if a little more arrogant about it. They have always supported charities and the house was used for evacuees during WW2.

What has gone wrong with humanity that the values of decency, respect and love have disappeared?  What is wrong with having a nice life?  This world is a brilliant place and we are breaking it.

Getting too preachy now so I'll just sign off and say Have a lovely weekend whatever you do, make your friends laugh, eat good food, and love your family.  Do one little thing to make the world a better place. Even if it's teaching a killer whale to say "Hello!"


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