Monday, 1 February 2016

Terry Wogan and Frank Finlay

When I worked at Television Centre, I had the pleasure of meeting Sir Terry. I always volunteered to do the captions and answer the phones for Children in Need. He would blow in to the studio or the green room smiling and genial and chat to everyone, helping himself to glasses of the good stuff. By the end of the evening he was full of the good stuff, a little whirly and swirly God bless him,forgetful of his script but always the gentleman, always affable, always the lovable Sir Terry. He'd thank us all and wave goodbye to go back home to the current Mrs Wogan - his little joke - they had been married for many years. The following morning as if nothing had happened, he would be back at work Fighting the Flab on his early morning radio show.

As I drove to work I'd listen every day, he always made me laugh, especially when TOGs 
(Terry's Old Gits- his fan club) got on to speak to him.  

This January has been a cruel January in many ways to many people. A January that other January's will be measured by, my dear husband said this morning.

My memories of Frank Finlay are a lot calmer, a lovely quiet professional man. I was doing my meet and greet job at Television Centre the time he was making Casanova. I used to walk through the sets to pick up my visitors. I didn't have to. I just wanted to.

Every set had a security guard sitting in it, as the furniture and antiques were for real, the other thing I remember was it was the first time that scenery design provided ceilings for a set. As poor Frank spent most of his time in bed looking up! So there were ornate half and quarter ceilings stacked in the corners of the studios.

I was surprised that his efforts were never taken more seriously, Bouquet of Barbed Wire
was an amazingly brave series for him to star in.  I wish he had won many awards for his work.  Even recently as a jobbing actor, he did an amazing portrayal of an altzeimers victim in Caroline Quentin and Alexander Armstrong's little series, Life Begins.

I have been priviledge in my life to meet and work with some amazing people. I am so very lucky to have had that opportunity.


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