Thursday, 12 May 2016

Falling to bits!

Twisted my knee, so my kneecap is sitting to one side. Doctor pushed it back, ouch!
Have to keep off it for a while. No walking - rest.  I hate the R word!

Also got stomach ulcer which he prodded and poked till it really hurt!  Thought you went to the Doctor to get better not worse!

So no stress. Anyone know how to turn your brain off? If it isn't storylines or research, it's planning to go and do stuff, make stuff, re-enact stuff. Worrying about my friends, one who's just lost her mum, and another who is deperately ill.

I work at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, as a "welcome host" as we are now called. See:

I walked round Waddesdon for five hours yesterday, a strange day, so many visitors that at one point people were asking how they get upstairs, because there were so many visitors in front of the staircase they couldn't see where it was!

It is a spectacular place to be, the art, the ambiance. I've been there 3 years this week.
It's my escape from reality, my little holiday from real life. There isn't even a phone signal there - so no-one can call me. Lovely. 

Unless my knee sorts itself out the Doctor told me I shouldn't go back for a week or so.
I have to REST the R word again.

So do I need a holiday from Stress?  Yes I do, but don't know how I do that anymore. When I worked for the BBC, (poor Beeb under seige from the Government at the moment), I used to go shopping. John Lewis, M&S, River Island, Shue, never really got on with NEXT, I don't
like grey and black clothes, I like colour.  I'd buy things for the house, for my son (who incidentally won't link to me on Linked In!  As if I didn't know he'd lost his job. Thanks to Activision.) Things for me. Nice expensive things as a treat for working so hard.

Or I'd go to my beloved Cornwall and walk on the sticky Sennen sand, and shop in the 
Galleries in St Ives.

Took this photo from our room in March last year, when we stayed at Tregenna Castle.

There's only one thing wrong with that now. Being an author doesn't really pay that much, Or at all (get the violins out!) Thirty pounds a month from Amazon doesn't go far.  I keep plugging away trying for my big break. Quite stressy.

We haven't managed to get away this year because of this..
Amber Evans, who like me is also falling to bits, poor lad. We nearly lost him last year.
He needs medication twice a day to keep him alive. He gets stressed out in the cattery even though they are lovely, and the cat pens are nice,he doesn't cope and it's a visit to the vet
every time we get him back. 

So I've finished my list of things to do today, it's beautfully sunny and the cats are sunning themselves on top of our newly planted pots, life's not so bad, I suppose.

My stomach has just reminded me that it really hurts!  So I'm going to keep a low profile today, keep off my feet and try not to worry about too much about anything. Is that even possible?


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