Thursday, 5 May 2016

What Now?

Remember my very ill friend Della?  Well, I went to see what's left of her today. Frail weak
in pain. Fighting for every breath with her chin still on her chest.  She's tired weak and angry and wants her life back. Last year she was upright and just waiting for an operation to help her shoulder, not make her ten times worse and a cripple.

The Doctor gets off scott free and she's waiting now for another operation to correct his mistake. So she is paying the price for his mistake - AGAIN.
I didn't sleep last night, lots of weird dreams, my mind I suppose, trying to work out ways to help her. 

Then at 8 a.m a different friend texted to tell me her mother had died overnight. She was 95 and my friend was the youngest of her five daughters, and her carer.

I was just about to get in the shower when I heard the gardener outside cutting our grass, so I pulled on some jeans and a top and went out to see to him, he cut the back grass and told me about a giant called Ye Hale Lad who was about 10ft tall and was taken by King James to join his court as a curiousity.

The day is sunny and hot. Far across the globe, Canadians have lost their homes and everything they own in a huge fire. My heart goes out to them, they have no choice but to be brave and scared. Yes, they do sometimes go together.

Della told me about the bush fires in Australia, how the oil comes out of the Eucalypus trees and catches fire, and how balls of fire bounce in the wind catching everything alight.

I'm going to vote today, mainly because women suffregetes gave their lives and their reputations, so that I could.  I live in a Tory area and have seen the mess they have made in the Cotswolds, UKIP are watered down Nazis, the Green Party are a bit luny, so I'll vote for what's left - whatever that is.  There is no one who represents what I'd like to see.

Affordable housing. Loads of houses are being built, but no one can afford to buy them.
Smaller more sustainable family groups. Less potholes in the road. The dissolution of both Oxford councils so that stops them fighting with each other. People who commit murder put away for life - not 3- 8 years or so, their victims don't suddenly pop back to life after that time do they? Common Sense to be used instead of financial reasoning alone.

Right, so I'm voting for the man dressed as a Crocodile, the Monster Raving Luny Party.
Gosh I'm tired. What a day.

What now?

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