Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.

Ulcer under control, legs getting slightly better, writing taking off. Amazon being silly billys (Forgot to change my book price to the sale price really frustrating.)

I'm starting work on my costume book soon and  it should be fun. I even have an assistant now. HA!  My dear hubby!   I used to be his assistant at the BBC and now he's going to be mine.

A beautiful sunny warm day, the cats are out baking themselves like WAGs on a beach
White and pink blossom is heavy on the trees, there's a heady perfume from the multi-coloured stocks we planted at the weekend.  The garden looks spectacular.

I'm missing the white clouds of blossom from our bushes on the bad neighbours side as they cut them down last year. Haven't planted anything in that border so it's a bit wild. I'm hoping the stinging nettles and brambles and what's left of our bushes will deter them from coming over the fence. It's good for the butterflies and birds anyway.

I'm not afraid of them, they're just a pain and a nuisance. Anyone who prefers stone hedgehogs to the real thing are just strange.

What I am afraid of today is writing.

Suddenly hoovering the carpet seems terrifically urgent. I should sit and write, but I can't while that spider's web needs dusting away.  Funny, it seems that the more you clean your house when the sun shines, the dustier it seems to be.

I have literally lost the plot.  I am involved with writing five books at the moment, two are finished but need illustrations and three - A Farthing for Oxford, a faction book about the English Civil War in Oxford, Back Down in Overdown - the latest Hilary Long mystery, and
the Historical Clothing Collection book.

I'm struggling writing the faction. Because readers believe it. History is something we can guess at. We can sometimes prove it with research, but we can't be there - well not yet. Time travel has yet to be invented, but if Einstein-Rosen bridges exist, most physicists believe they would collapse shortly after they were formed, so I doubt anyone would be able to come back and tell us the truth. 

Back Down in Overdown should be fun, marketed as a cosy murder mystery series, the characters suddenly took themselves down very dark roads when I wasn't looking, and bringing them back is difficult but not impossible.

Then there's the Clothing book, I can't wait to get started on it! I like the idea of being a creative again, framing shots, travelling to shoots.

So Despite Feeling the Fear and trying to Do it Anyway, I have chickened out and written
my blog instead to try and clear my head.  Using it as mental floss!



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