Friday, 3 June 2016


Wish I could go on holiday. At present, a week away is not on the cards.
This is the reason why. My poor cat who misses us so much and refuses to go to the toilet in the cattery while we are away. 
Happy enough now I might add on my broiderie anglaise duvet cover!
He's coming up for nine now, and has cost us an absolute fortune at the vets.
When I rescued him he was barely three weeks old and eating horse poo to keep alive.
It ruined his stomach, so now he has special food.

Put him down my friend said the other day, he's only a cat. Give yourselves a break.
There's always a third way, because this little chap didn't ask for what happened to him,
and he is a cheeky loving little boy who is loved greatly in return by us.  We will day trip and have the odd overnight stop. Strange you can take dogs on holidays but not cats.

Here are few photos of last years holiday in Dartmouth, Devon.

So this will have to do for the moment, that's what memories are for after all.


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