Tuesday, 7 June 2016

In the Making - 17th Clothes

Just a quick catch up, I'm going to make a new gown this week for Holdenby Hall.

OK, you're right, making a a gown for a whole building IS a bit impractical! : ) !

I haven't made myself a gown for ages, I make for other people and hardly ever for me, but it's time to start making one for myself.

I have boxes and boxes of beautiful materials, yards and yards of silks, satins,  & embossed embroidered materials in greens, golds, blues, reds, burgundy. I have black nets and cream lace and all sorts of trimmings, points and ties and fancy buttons, and every colour of cotton and silk thread under the sun.

My fingers are itching to start so I won't be able to write for a bit, then I'll  post up the photos.

Why am I telling you this?

Well I always do what I say, if I hadn't told you I would have found a way to get out of it!

So see you later Alligator - in a while crocodile!

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