Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Weird Fish

Yeap, sums up my holiday. 

Devastating Brexit, pound crashing to an all time low, Britain without an effective government, the rise of Fascism on our streets, Boris and Farage hiding away like children who know they've done something wrong.

We both got called in for hospital appointments and basically you have to attend because waiting times to get them are so long. Poor hubby has to go for further investigation, a day's stay in hospital for tests where he has to be aneathetised for them to be done, and those words again from the Doctor. "Don't worry."

As for me I had the pin prick tests to find out how my allergies were doing. My arm looked like a strange hedgehog without it's spikes afterwards. I didn't do as the young girl across from me did, photograph it on my phone and send it to all my friends. I'm actually doing a bit better although I found out I am still allergic to some fresh foods like lettuce and cucumber, but can eat strawberries if I'm careful about it (test first).  As dear hubby pointed out - just in time for Wimbledon!

We had to alter the prices on my book because of the currency drop, I was getting 57p instead of £1.75, so spent a day working on the books.

But we did go out. Determined to enjoy our holiday so here is where we went;
 Berrington Hall, Shropshire
Hanbury Hall, Warwickshire
 Water lily at Hanbury
 One of my own roses, very perfumed. We spent a day in our garden.
Upton House and Gardens, Warwickshire. I used to work here and I loved it!

 Kenilworth Castle Elizabethan Gardens

  The Queens tower, and I went right to the top - it was a struggle but I was determined.
Not my best picture! Scared and pleased at the same time. I don't like heights. That tiny dot on the path is a person, that'll give you some idea of how high up this is!

1940s poster which applies just as much in today's world as it did during the war.

We're trying again to get to Lyme Regis which was where we were headed before we got
called to the hospitals but this weekend we will be at Holdenby Hall in Northamptonshire
fighting with the Sealed Knot, who have always been on different sides, and always work together to show you a good fight, where hopefully no-one gets hurt!

Love to you all - I mean that - divided we fall after all - hello, poet and didn't know it!


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