Monday, 13 June 2016

Summer rain

It's hot and thundery, and the rain is torrential. The garden is a sea of lush greenery, the bushes and trees are so full and fluffy it's hard to see any road signs here at the moment.
Somebody has been thinking it's fun to turn the few road signs you can see around. This  happens every year during the tourist season. 

People heading for the Cotswold Distillery or the Wychford Pottery end up down a muddy farm track to a dead end with barns!

We went out for a drive and missed a turning due to the fluffiness of the trees and ended up just outside our village, strangely it was the road where I occasionally see my character Hilary running with her terrier.

I wrote the Hilary Long mysteries about two years ago while I was ill, and first saw Hilary jogging along the "top road" as we call it, in real life about a year afterwards.  I've seen her once again since.

The Summer in Overdown is selling well again. As my books are seasonal they tend to sell in the right season. I was suprised to find I have a sort of fan club in Japan called The Long Club!  My Cotswold readers are always eager for the next episode, and I am in the middle of  the latest Hilary Long Mystery.

Agatha Christie said she saw Poirot twice in her life, and was happy to see him.   Perhaps when we create these people they actually come to life. How weird would that be?
The rain is clattering on the roof, the cats are asleep on the sofa, wet birds are pulling half drowned worms out of the lawn.  We had a bird fly in yesterday, what a palava (Victorian word!). It's parents, a blackbird and the female - light brown - were going beserk shrieking and chattering and mobbing our poor cats who were sitting outside and had nothing to do with the daft chick that flew through our french doors!

Andy got him out, he sat it on the tub with the chives in it, to get it's breath and then it flew into the hedge.  However, the parents didn't let us off that easily, they screamed and chattered at us until we had been completely well and truly told off!
Anyway the rain has stopped so it's time for me to make tracks.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend,



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