Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Pinch punch first of the month!

Haven't got time to finish the last few things I like about the UK with photos. 

So I'll just say: 
9. Poppies in Norfolk. .
10. Ice cold Scottish lochs.
11. NHS, when it works it's good!
12.Speciality beers Wychwood, Hooky, Spitfire.
13.Country Houses and their History.
14.Strange customs like Cheese rolling.
15.Our literary heritage, from the Brontes to Judge Dredd and our historic heros like Lord Nelson and Wellington.

Didn't have time to write much after yesterday's run of bad luck which was:-

Hubby's car had punctured tyre.
Cat to vets again - costly.
Hotpoint man came 3 hours late, and didn't fix the tumble dryer, but DID scratch my
washing machine taking the dryer out to try to fix it.
Agent didn't like my new book.
Not being invited to a friends wedding because only her "real friends" were invited.
Only known her for 20 years and listened to her woes and helped her out numerous times.

Yesterday was a horrible day and I'm glad it's over.

Let's hope the 1st June brings better things.
Pinch, punch, first of the month, and no returns!
Punch and a kick for being so quick!

Old English first day of the month tradition. Done gently, I might add!

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