Friday, 1 July 2016

Trolls and not the type who live under bridges and really like Goats!

What a week, I put my head above the parapet and have to keep ducking!  Honestly you really have to laugh sometimes or you'd go bonkers!

I happened to mention on dear old Twitter that I thought it's about time we stopped beauty competitions and started to value women for their skills, intelligence and what they brought to the world.  I've never thought you should have been judged on how you looked. First impressions however nice, can be wrong.

Apparently I was "body shaming" these girls and told to "F**K off by many American rednecks!"  Who rather liked to see women paraded around for inspection like cattle or horses.

In my BBC career, quite often I was passed over for prettier girls, or girls who were related in some way to one of the bosses. They stayed for a month or so, couldn't do the job properly, if at all, and left with the BBC on their CVs to further their career.

At the Beeb, in Engineering, I worked with a Swedish blonde. Long legs, thigh high boots, extremely pretty. But quite the engineer, she got her job on looks, but was absolutely brilliant at it. Apart from being really good looking, she had just left a famous girl metal band where she'd been bass guitar. She knew how to balance sound, and could edit while drinking coffee and painting her nails!

I'm a redhead, always have been, always will be, if I have my way! I'm tall, I'm built. I wear glasses and have freckles. Also clever. Apparently that was enough to hold me back. Geek was not chic before The Big Bang Theory came along! So no one believed I could do anything. I had to work harder than everyone else to get to do a job I was excellent at and loved.

AND ANOTHER THING!  I had a photo of Sting in my office, and also a photo of Ade Edmondson in his "Young Ones" get up. They made me smile and got me through the day,
other male engineers had a busty topless model called Sam on their walls.  Guess who was asked to remove their photos?  Yeap ME!!

I was always judged on how I looked and not what I could do. So I went for countless interviews for promotions to be passed over for pretty girls who weren't interested in the job. Trouble is about getting by on your looks is that they don't last forever.  Strangely I think I've got better looking as I've got older. 

Anyway Trolls, been there done that, burnt the bra, fought for women's rights, used my brains, and got along fine - in the end, and because you seem to think otherwise, I will tell you - I have had some lovely men in my life as good friends, lovers, and husbands.

Put that in your Goat and smoke it !!

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