Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Adventures in life and Elephants!

After last week you would have thought things would have got better. Well, yes, I suppose they have in some ways. I'm always asking the Universe for more time off with my husband, and this week I got it. Thanks to him jumping like a nanny goat over the towing rig of the caravan while putting it away and missing!  He's bruised, may have cracked a rib, a massive red raw hole in his shin, and bruising up his arms and his legs. (As this happened a week ago they are a lovely sunshine yellow and sea blue now.)

At the time I washed and bandaged him up and he refused to go to the doctor and went back to work for two days. By the third day he couldn't put his foot to the floor and the massive cut was seeping yellow goo. This time I insisted he go to the doctors and they put him back together again (just like Humpty dumpty) and gave him antibiotics.
This is it a LOT better - why the drawing pad you might ask - for white balance! Hubby is after all a camerman like myself! The picture below was just after the treatment and should have looked a lot worse.
Now the irony, I had a steriod injection at the beginning of the week and for the first time in a year I can walk without any pain - joke eh?  Good one Universe!  So I have been running about after dear hubby where he is normally running about for me.  Be careful what you wish for.  I should specify for future Cosmic Ordering that I'd like us both to be off and well at the same time.

What next you may ask?  Well at the weekend we will be hobbling round the Goodwood Revival meeting dressed as 1940s Mr and Mrs for our 14th Anniversary. Ivory apparently,
so we will be giving some money to preserve and save baby elephants that have been orphaned by Ivory hunters. We cannot run out of elephants on this planet!  We have just fostered Jotto and Makireti for our presents to each other!

Here's the link https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/ 

If would be nice if you could pass this on and give, but only if you can. Charity begins at home.

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