Friday, 16 September 2016

Light anomalies

Sounds interesting, but is actually scary. This morning I had a flashing semi-circle of light in my right eye. Optical migraine I had been told. Took exactly five minutes to wear off. I had one two weeks ago, took 15 minutes to wear off. No headache with either of them.

I have to go to the eye hospital in case it's PVD. I haven't looked it up, I don't want to know.
I just want it fixed - now.

How about Universe, God, ascended beings, Saints, me having a life without all this?
It's just yet another straw on this poor camel's back. I know there are people worse off than me. I do know that. But I'm not a bad person. Really I'm not.

These are the charities I support financially, and if not able to, beg on behalf of.

The Salvation Army, they go places and do things for people that are amazing. Things I could never do, because I am so OCD, like holding out a hand to hold and a cup of tea to a dirty homeless person. They also provide safe places for children.

The Blue Cross, saving animals in distress and looking after them and finding them really good homes. The sight's they see and the animals they save from starvation deserve all the help they can get. (I have always had rescue cats).

OXFAM, I've supported them since I was a student in London.

Movember, Hubby grows the tashe and I bake cakes raising about £120 in a month for men's prostate cancer charity.

The Lifeboats, I can't swim, I've tried, I don't float, so they get all my help because I love the sea.

Shelterbox, I raised £18k for them by pestering the hell out of the supermarket giants to
give to their Tsunami appeal.

BBC CHILDREN IN NEED As I worked for the Beeb I used to man the phones without pay on shifts throughout the night. Now I just donate.

Cancer UK I supported this because my sister had cancer. She's cured now, and she and her daughters do the Run for Life which I sponsor with £20 here and there. She's taken over from me raising money for them.

Then there are the people who stand outside the supermarkets with collection boxes, they always get my small change.

I'm not rich, I just do what I can when I can.

So at the moment this is what I'm fighting,

Rheumatoid Arthritus (the Consultant told me I'd been in a wheelchair in 5 years - I'm not
- been fighting this for 20 years or more now).
Low Thyroid function (which is why my weight goes up and down like a yo yo!)
Seriously allergic to most foods (I carry two epipens) 
Oh that reminds me The Anaphalaxsis Association & Allergy Aware UK are two of
the most recent charities I support as they have helped me so much.
Stress (ummm wonder why?)
High Blood Pressure
Now my eyes.

Too much for me.
Strangely I don't feel sorry for myself, I just want and hope optimistically that I will one day be completely well and pain free, even if it's just for a day, an hour, a moment, a second. 

Would be nice.
Me on a breezy Lyme Regis seafront a few weeks ago. No I'm not pretty, but that's the least of my problems!  Hubby loves me and all my SK/40s/Steampunk personas so I don't care!!

Have a good day everyone.


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