Thursday, 15 September 2016


Ever had that moment on the computer where you pressed the send button and realised you shouldn't have?  Did you feel the gut wrenching pull of making that mistake?

Well this morning the AA posted in reply to my constant barrage of complaints that they haven't answered or replied to my complaint, that I did not have a complaint number. They asked for my postcode to try and trace it. Then  they posted my  private message containing my Postcode. To everyone. On Twitter. In the World. Probably the Universe.  AAAGH.

I can't take it off. They can't take it off. Twitter refused to take it off. 

OK I live in the Cotswolds. I'm not the only person who lives here.  But WHY???
The AA phoned yesterday trying to sell me a mortgage - I think you know what I replied to them. The Automobile Association that I used to trust no longer exists.

Anyway here is a snippet of my latest book. The Overdown Chronicles. Out in October.

Please remember it's copyrighted.

In the cold dark corridor of the Manor, outside my door, Anthony stood with his hand on the brass handle. Not turning it. Not knowing what to do. He stood for a moment, listening to me sobbing. He put his forehead against the wooden door, wanting to come and comfort me, but knowing it was wrong. He left silently to go to his own room, along the corridors he had haunted as a ghost for over four hundred years. His heart ached, his head spun. He had never felt emotions like this in his old life, or in this new life he'd been given. "I'm here beloved." he whispered into the darkness of the Manor, "I'm here."

Copyright of Margaret Cooper Evans 2016, may not be reproduced, used in any media whether on-line, in print, on DVD or television without the copyright owner's permission.


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