Thursday, 22 September 2016

Angels and Demons.

So many people are into Angels at the moment. Trying to communicate with these beings of light and hope.There are courses on how to do it, Angel cards, Angel music, Angel shops. Nothing about God without whom, his messengers, the Angels wouldn't exist.

You can't talk about God because it's too preachy.  I used to get God mixed up with Father Christmas, with a lot of please can I have?..... Now the Universe has taken over that role what role has God got to play in our lives?

A lot of people still say OMG without realising in means Oh my God.  If something shocking happens, or during sex, a lot of people still invoke God's name.  Oh God, Oh God.

I think He must be sitting with pads of thick cotton wool clouds stuffed in his ears!  In the 1970s some physicists tried to prove that a God or Creator did exist, as everything was made up of mathematical patterns. It's a physicists try and prove things we can't see exist.

Still with me or have you turned me off like Songs of Praise on Sunday evening?  So you see it's hard to write about about God. Any God.

My mother was a Catholic, my father was an aetheist. So I have been conflicted from an early age. 

I quite like Saints.  Saint Anthony when called on always makes my car keys,earrings,important letters turn up, he's the patron saint of lost items. He also helps with my cats.

Talking of which, Saint Francis of Assissi helps with animals,who are lost, in pain, or needing help.

I call on my parking Angel to help me find a good parking place, and he/she is amazing and has never let me down. My agnostic husband now calls on the parking Angel when desperate!

I have been bending the ear of Archangel Raphael recently. Asking him to shine his green healing light on me, and throughout all my illnesses, he has been a steadying influence.

We all need to believe in something and that's where I come to the dark side. 


I saw a 14 year old girl in the supermarket wearing a black tee shirt with Satan Worshipper on it. I'd have preferred Sun worshipper, but that is not good for you either, bad for the skin.

Joking apart, I have in my life met a lovely woman, wife of a minister of the church who
took it upon herself to break up Satanic circles and was good at it. I have met a health visitor who was trying to take a baby away from a young girl, not just because it was her father's child, but because it was to be a sacrifice. 

In the USA Satanism is now to be declared a religion and some people want it taught in schools.

You only have to look in the dead eyes of any murderer whose photograph appears in the papers to see a Demon.

Evil can be charming, irresistable, persuasive, I worked in the BBC with such a person, who was also a murderer, but had got away with it.

I have told you all before I believe in all creatures, mermaids, the Loch Ness monster, dragons. Probably we know them now as manetees, brachiosaurs, helia monsters. But they existed.

Why did Hitler spend so much time and money looking into the dark side of the estoteric?
My mother used to say "The Devil looks after his own." 

For every good thing there is a bad thing.  While we're at it,  I think the quote attributed to G.K.Chesterton "If a man doesn't believe in God, he'll believe anything."

In the end the thing that God has given us as humans is choice. We can be good or bad,
kind or nasty. Angels or Demons, and that's a very big expensive gift.

Sermon over, leave your change in the dish as you leave!

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