Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Poldark Series 2 Debbie Horsfield

I steeled myself to watch Debbie Horsfield's adaptation of Poldark's trial. I had tried to watch the series before, but I do not understand why Debbie Horsfield, who had been given such a strong female character has changed the feisty, clever, sexy Demelza from the books into a long string of wet tap water played by Eleanor Tomlinson.

The witty, sparking clever trial, with the manipulation of Jud Payner by Demelza, did not exist in this version. Whereas in the books,although the Judge is not turned by Demelza's discourse on music at the party, he certainly remembered her with kindness at the trial.

With such great material, how does Debbie Horsfield manage to make the scripts so futile?

The costumes are absolutely terrible, having actually studied handled and seen up close and personal clothes of the period, how can they get it so wrong?

Versailles was incredibily costumed and historically incorrect. But history is subjective and guesses are made. So I watch the pretty pictures and research the truth.

Winston Graham wrote a book about a man with a social conscience from the upper classes. His wife was from the gutter, but had street "smarts" and a willingness to learn.

So why the great hype about this "new" programme?

Because the TV reviewers haven't read the books - they don't care. Because the memory of the 1980's Poldark success is still so strong that this is riding on the back of it.  Aidan Turner is a big sex symbol and that also pushes the ratings along.

It's a travesty that Mammoth films think they are doing a good job. Money speaks after all and isn't that what it's all about?   Winston Graham didn't like the re-writing of the original
series for the BBC and there were huge rows about it.  

God knows what he'd think of the half-mangled rubbish churned out in his name.

Read the books in the original form, be transported back to a time where Ross and Demelza joked with each other, celebrated with each other, loved their children, protected their world and lived and loved passionately in Cornwall.

Not I might add Lacock in the Cotswolds! Or in computer generated backdrops!

I would hate anyone to adapt my books as badly as this.

Here is the original Ross and Demelza, Robin Ellis and the late Angarhad Rees

Image result for angharad rees poldark

 Image result for eleanor tomlinson as demelzaThe happy couple Mammoth style
By the way Aidan is staning on a box as Elinor is taller than him!

Oh well, I just hope Dobby has enough tea towels for Demelza to wear in the next series.

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