Tuesday, 3 January 2017


I was ill all over Christmas. I had a virus that was like being on a roller coaster followed by a North Sea ferry.  Seasick without even leaving my house.

Undeterred by bad news, personal disaster, and both having the seasick virus, we both tried to make the best of a bad job.  
 We made a gold lace Christmas Cake.
Woke up early enough on Christmas day to see a spectacular sunrise.
Amber helped us open our presents - he'd already opened his a day early!
I dressed up and tried to hide my green face! The worse I feel the more I dress up! 

Our garden dressed up in Winter best.
Christmas dinner was served.. and eaten..
My dear hubby dressed as Zorro for a laugh!

Where is 2017 in all this I hear you ask?

Here - New Years Eve
 We dressed the Yule log and lit the fire
 Lit the candles and poured the drinks
The flames danced and crackled
The candles burned down with the old year
We welcomed 2017 in Irish Style with Irish Whiskey, Irish Coffees, good old tea and freshly made hot bread with butter melting in. A salute to my Irish roots and my dear uncle Pat who died just before Christmas.

We watched the Fireworks over the Thames, remembered absent friends, and those who had passed on, toasted them all, till we staggered to bed about 2.am. Lightweights, I know.

So back to work today. I will be getting my paperback of the first two Hilary Long Mysteries  out within the next few weeks. It includes a new story in the "Before Long" series, a prequel to the Overdown books, and a map of the little Cotswold town of Overdown.

Happy New Year Everyone Everywhere.  May 2017 bring Peace, Happiness and Health to as many people as possible.

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