Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Just a quick blog

Just a quick blog, I have nothing much to say, I'm in the middle of my latest book, and I am putting my Hilary Long series together into one paperback novel. 

It's cold and damp here. 

I am off my tablets waiting for a blood test, so I'm scared to eat, again. 

Every bit of post I get is either medical or something to sort out. 

The Automobile Association rang me 15 times over the holidays to ask if I want to re-join them. NO. Yet they don't stop ringing!  

My bank makes mistakes after mistakes and then charges me for putting them right. When I phone to complain I am patronised as if I'm an idiot - it's them who are the idiots.

Downsizing was a mistake. Don't do it!

No one said life has to be fair, but does it have to be so annoying and difficult?

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