Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Snow way!

I know why people are angry all the time. It's a life that's all about ME. The great I AM.
Sorry, that's just an aside. I started to get all Alan Bennett then I realised I was supposed to be writing about snow!

I hate snow. It's supposedly coming our way this afternoon with high winds, at the moment it's sunny and freezing and I just had the joy of seeing my cat climb a tree to find his prey was a big brown leaf!  There are two balloons stuck in the hedges of my front garden a gold one and a silver one, blown there this morning. The letterbox is snapping relentlessly in the wind, and I am very, very, glad I am not my friend heading out across the English Channel this morning at the start of her cruise. All of this I find mildly amusing.

Snow, I find annoying. It comes in quickly, bungs up all the roads, the A&E departments will be full of people with broken arms and turned ankles, and they are overwhelmed at the moment anyway. I dislike snowmen, especially super clever show-off snowmen. The only good snowman is a green one!  We have power cuts and despite all the new technology, we still can't cope with the weather. Snow starves the birds, leaves uncared for horses without shelter, and when it's finished - just as a bonus - leaves everywhere stained black and dirty.

Yet it has a tickle, when snow is in the air I can smell it, there's - dare I say it a pleasant tickle in my nose - unlike any other smell. Frozen ozone is the nearest I can get to it.
So here is a few snowtos - snow is very picturesque - if you don't have to go out in it!

 Spring in the garden
The beach, sunshine and the sea
 I guess monochrome and cold is really not for me - and it is all about ME after all !!

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