Thursday, 26 January 2017

Once more into the breeches dear friends....

It's that time again Holly Holy Day in Nantwich, time to sell my books, parade about the town following my regiment, the Kings Guard and watch them win the Rosebowl for the best drill (fingers crossed)!!

It is freezing cold and not likely to change - so under the 17thC kit we've got thermals this year! 

Not so lucky the real 17th Century people of Nantwich who were starving and freezing in their homes and waiting to be rescued.  Below is the link

& advertising for the event and my dear husband is firing on the front of last year's programme. (End left with goatee).

I haven't written anything for over a week. I've been meeting friends, going shopping, doing housework, cooking.  I needed some "brain off time".

Now the year really begins the fierst Knot of the Season. Tomorrow we will be back in time in 17th Century pubs with wood burning in the grate, the smell of meat and bread and beer,
Later going to the curry/chinese (banned from the Italian) for a meal with the regiment and then back to a nice warm hotel with a big bed and hot shower.



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