Tuesday, 17 January 2017

I'm having a Sad day

Yesterday I spent all day writing and sending my work off.  It was an admin day.  I felt absolutely swamped. I spoke to my really good friend for an hour - she timed it, and my sister for about the same time, who didn't. After what seemed like hours filling out and crafting forms for writing posts, the day had gone.

Today I could hardly get up and lethargy and sadness filled me from the inside out.  Woke up like it. Got up early made my husband's packed lunch in a zombie like state, so I hope he got something edible. Dragged myself into the shower and felt slightly better then thought I'd try out my new vacuum - lightweight - it said on the pack.  Oh no it isn't.  So an hour and a half later with one arm with muscles like Popeye I was still feeling low.

I phoned my friend Della to chat with her, she answered, "Margaret?" 
"Yes" I said. She slammed  the phone down.  Not as bad as you may think, she has been seriously ill for over two years and had countless operations, and sometimes she is not strong enough to talk. She usually says, not today, I'll ring you when I feel better. But this is the first time she'd ever done this.  But I understand.

Okay, I'll phone my friend Betty, she works Friday to Monday at a museum so should be off today, I rang her and exactly the same thing happened.  Okay, she's probably out and about and lost signal. I'll Facebook her. Except she isn't on my list of friends now.

Last time we spoke I was arranging for her to come for dinner. I don't understand.

I still feel ill and did the worst thing possible, looked up my symptoms on the net.
Now I feel worse.

Things have got to get better haven't they?  Haven't they?

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