Tuesday, 16 February 2016


I really can't believe how uneducated people are these days, it beggars belief.

I just had a secure e.mail from my bank apologising for a mistake that was made
saying and I quote;

"I'm sorry I didn't know what I was reading off rest ashore it will be put right."

What?  Rest ashore?  Am I a bloody boat?  

Reading off?  I phoned to complain they hadn't taken a direct debit then charged me for not paying it.  I check finances all the time so I paid it directly from my account as soon as I noticed.

I have no confidence in my bank any more. It seems to be run by nine year olds!

SO GRRRRRR..... Dennis the menace face - but with actually very lovely hair, I had it done this morning by the talented Emma!

Onwards and upwards and rest ASSURED that my bank will be getting a very strong letter
written in yellow and blue crayon and with stick drawings!

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