Friday, 12 February 2016

To sleep perchance to dream

I get a lot of inspiration for my stories from my dreams. I sometimes have recurring dreams,
one dream that I had recently was one I had many times as a teenager.  I was being chased through Hoxton market by a large ferocious fire breathing dragon. It was a lithe beast with large claws and big sharp pointed teeth.

I had that dream around Christmas time, I was running and running, and as usual he cornered me by the scaffolding near the sweetshop, I couldn't move, there was no where else to run. He reared up to attack - now when I was a teenager I would wake up sweating at this point - but I just looked up at him and said, "God you've put on weight!" and he had, I started laughing and he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

A lot of my dreams are just weird, when I was in my thirties, I dreamt I was outside the tube station in Knightsbridge, and Spike Milligan rushed by, he looked at me and said,"Tell the guys not to wait - I'm not going to get to the lunch."
"What guys?" I asked as he rushed past Harrods.
Later that day I heard Spike had died.

I often dream I'm back at work in the BBC, I walk across the bridge from the car park, go into Presentation, pick up my scripts, go copy them, and take them to the studios. In my dream I spend the whole day in Studio 2 marking camera cards and working on a pedestal camera, and wake up exhausted, and the worst of it is I don't even get paid for it!

Some dreams are just cruel. I dream quite often that I meet my son by accident, we just run into each other, and he gives me a big smile and a hug, and we talk.  I miss my son every day, think about him every day, so I suppose that's just a wish fulfillment dream.

The other recurring dream I have is I'm on a Sealed Knot camp, we're by the seaside and there's a lovely harbour and the sea is coming in fast, and we all rush into town and on the pier to watch it, the town is full of people in 17c Costume, laughing and joking, drinking beers and eating hot food from the traders. It's like a big colourful party. 

To sleep perchance to dream - not always thank goodness!
ans watch it

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