Thursday, 11 February 2016

Marilyn Monroe and Ruth Jones and ME !


Since I was ill a couple of years ago now I have lost over five stone, so my current swimsuits as pretty as they are, are now baggy, indecent, and would fit a baby whale.

I'm not that thin now as I've started eating again. Eating is still a trial - used to be a minute in the mouth a month on the hips.  Since my terrible virus 18 months ago, it's now a minute in the mouth, high possibility of 5 hours in A&E with anaphalaxic shock.

Trying new food is dangerous, and my dear hubby says I have to try more than whiskey, Baileys, and Guinness. I also eat potatoes, and yes I am half Irish!

Anyway back to the swimsuits, I want to go to the Minerva Bath Spa - my happy place - so I was looking at swimsuits.  Well, young skeletons with emaciated well made up faces in swimsuits.

70 odd years ago women not far off that size were being rescued from concentration camps.


Marilyn Monroe the worlds biggest sex symbol was 5'5'' and 36 26 36.

Ruth Jones MBE lost 4 and a half stone in 2011 and is now about the 
same size as me size 14.

She did it by calorie counting.  I did it by being allergic to everything I ate.
UK Size 14 is rated at 38  30 3/4  40 1/4
Me I'm 37, 32, 38. I'm 5'6''
Today's size 0 is 30 22 32.

So Marilyn, Ruth and myself are all deemed to be OUTSIZE.

No we're not, we're woman sized, we have wonderful curves, we have as Jonathan Ross
described his own curvy wife, more cushion for the pushin' !!

The designers seem to only want weak fragile skeletal women - if they want just 
a coat hanger - for God sake buy a coathanger!

We can't all look like little skinny 12 year old girls and nor should we aspire to be.  We should be deemed healthy, fit, attractive and lose weight because we want to. We want to feel good, move better, flaunt our brilliant stuff!

As for Victoria Beckham, now 34 23 33  is just a squeeze off size 0. As a Spice Girl she was about a size 12.  I'm no psychologist, but why doesn't she ever smile? Why does she stand sideways on with one leg in front of the other to look even slimmer?  
I guess she's self conscious.  Why?
She has all she wants, the 0 size body, a lovely husband and children, a good business head.  Was she bullied at school?  Bullied by the fashion industry?
I would love to see her smile.

So being a size 0 doesn't always make you happy it seems.  It really doesn't matter what size you are - as long as YOU are happy with who you are - that's all that matters.

At my lovely hubby's 1940s Birthday Party last year, I'm buxom and proud of it - and he's not complaining!



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