Friday, 19 February 2016

Murder at the Manor!

Nearly finished! Been sitting writing for the past few days, forgotten how to walk!

Good news! got a commission - can't say any more at the moment - TOP SECRET - but I am very excited about it, should take about a year to complete and it means a bit of travelling.

Murder at the Manor is the last Hilary I'll write until my commission is completed.

I have more ideas than I can possibly do at the moment.  Wish I earned enough to employ a secretary!

Well must get on - should be out next week sometime with any luck, then the Hilary compilations in book form.

Have a good weekend everybody, my dear hubby is doing a set of free-fall jumps and I'm going to watch, it'll be in a windtunnel and he becomes weightless, he's hoping to do a few tricks this time.

With any luck we'll get to see Zoolander 2 - Just love Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, both about the same age as my dear hubby - obviously they both look better as they don't have me and my shananigans to contend with!

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