Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Good News!
My books are in the top 100,000 sold on Amazon in January this year!

My latest and last for a while, Hilary Long Mystery, Shock Horror Murder at the Manor, will be out before Easter. A Hilary Long compendium, which will include two new extra short stories called "Before Long" and a map of Overdown, will come shortly afterwards.

My next project is going to be an illustrated book on Clothing of the English Civil War. I'm hoping to be able to research and draw or photograph actual civil war clothing and accessories so that my book will be the "go to" for re-enactors of the period.

I also want to try and make some of the clothing if I can.

Talking of which:
                                               Sir Ralph Verney's wedding suit.

Another project I'm working on is "The Goodwyfe's kitchen", which should show the life of a typical 17c woman, through her food, medicines, and household duties.  There will be recipes for make up, perfumes, food, salves, possets,and favourite dishes.

A spring feast, local cheese, home made farmhouse bread, heavy cake, small beer. Oranges from his Lordships orangery, last years apples from the orchard, various herbs
to add to stews over the open fire. For a treat Orange drops, a very sweet sweetmeat,
and cream for the apple pies. - All my own work!


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