Thursday, 4 February 2016


Today I woke up in a Piratey kind of mood.  Well, I woke up feeling like I'd been on a ship all night!  Kinda queasy. Legs wobbly. Even have bloodshot eyes as if I'd been drinking rum all last night.  No I hadn't.

My darling hubby was talking in his sleep and snoring as if he'd been gargling rocks. So I just I lay on the edge of the bed a bit scared - I've seen Little Nicky.

So anyway, I am eventually up, dressed in my Pirate tee shirt, it's quite scary, big skull  with a red bandana and crossbones. My hair tied back in a queue.Face as white as a sheet, and wearing my Thor's hammer neclace - just because I thought it goes.

I'm no Mary Read or Anne Bonnie, though I do have a sword and musket I use when I re-enact 17thC. civil war. Just remembered I do have a cutlass but it's a small one!

My fights at the moment are invisible, intangible, impossible.  I have been sending my history book to many people.

The National Trust - as they now part own a lot of the houses my Civil War women lived loved and fought for.


Dr Lucy Worsley as I thought she had an interest in how women were represented in History.


English Heritage - Couldn't actually be bothered to read it, but if I marked out the
pages with a yellow sticker that were relevant to them they'll read those bits.

DUHH It has an INDEX!!

Oh just found my parrot
Me in Summer Pirate wear! and a little bit worse for wear due to the rum cocktail in the tea cup.  This I might add is crossover Pirate wear, I look a little more scary and authentic at Chatham Docks, I definately leave off the stuffed parrot!



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