Thursday, 31 March 2016

Blogging while cooking!

Made a loaf, making shortbread, later - cakes haven't decided what type yet.   All for an event for our Regiment, the loaf may not make it.  Fresh bread rarely survives the oh that's a lovely smell moment! and the shortbread may have to be tested with a cup of tea later.

Spent the morning packing for this event - SK Training and then a party - called The Bash.

The sun is shining, the cats have come in for their dinner, both are black and white and today and their black fur is hot to the touch.

For a short week it's seemed quite long.  

Waddesdon was packed yesterday with unruly kids who can't seem to keep their hands to themselves.  There were only 3 security guards on walkabout and 11 Welcome Hosts, and three of them are on the front door and 2 at the back, with two people doing tea relief that left 6 of us on the floor.  It was busy and really there wasn't that many people around 400 or 500 or so visitors.Thank goodness for the cameras in every room.

Oops just take the shortbread out - back in a mo.

People always seem to know their rights but never take responsibility for their actions.
I watched as toddlers ran about through expensive antiques, lovingly collected by a lonely man who wanted to show his collection to educate people.

Fat Chance!

The great unwashed as Oscar Wilde called the British public, wander through jealously, eyeing the artefacts, wondering how one man got so rich. They mostly think it was on the backs of the poor - their ancestors.  

Countless times in the family room I explain how the Rothchilds got out of a ghetto and worked their way to the top, realising how hard it was to earn and keep money they inter- married cousins to keep money in the family. Unfortunately the family started to die out.

Most of the public don't look at the skill, or the artistic merits of the paintings, and we have some beauties.  I think I can count the really interested on the fingers of one hand. At the moment we have an exhibition of the French commodes originally from Versaille.  The skill of the artisan who made them is ignored, as is his rare portrait on the wall overlooking his work.

"Oh there's nothing in this room," I heard a lady say to her friend.

It frightens me that the Great British Public are so uneducated. How did that happen?
We used to be amongst the most inventive and clever people in the world. Explorers,
chemists, scientists, code-breakers. The best behaved, the most polite, educated, witty,
funny, our writers are still known world wide from Shakespeare to Agatha Christie.

What happened?  When did we stop being GREAT Britain? 

I can hear the oven pinging so it's time to take out the shortbread and start making cakes.
It'll be a few days before I blog again - so have a nice weekend everybody.  I intend to!


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