Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Curve Ball

Every now and then life throws you a curve ball.   I think it's a baseball term, not sure
could be cricket. 


Yesterday my dear hubby was called back to the Doctors to be told he had to go for tests at the hospital. Something about too few blood platelets so blood tests, and to have an endoscopy.  He came back saying everything was fine, it was just routine, but I could see he was rattled.

Now I'm rattled.

We want life to improve not get worse. 

I have had rheumatoid arthritus since I was 33 years old, my prognosis was I was going to be in a wheelchair within five years.

I'm not.  I took up muscle building to keep myself fit and it saved me. I'm in pain every day,
the levels vary, sometimes 10 out of 10 if ten is the worst, some days like today 3 out of 10.
It never goes away, I long for one pain free moment, sometimes this does happen, but it
doesn't last for long.
I walk, I re-enact, I'm anally retentive about how my home looks, immaculate and clean is the only aim I go for. I work at Waddesdon Manor walking and standing for hours on end.

Never in a million years did I ever think my man would be ill - I'm used to being ill - he shouldn't be ill, or have to go through this.

For the past six months or more he was told he had IBS, we tried managing it with food,
the doctor gave him tablets that gave him memory loss, they were changed, but his condition didn't.

Last night we worked on the latest Hilary Long, yet another proof read until late at night
being normal, and yet not normal. Hugging each other every other moment.

Don't like curve balls, pack it in Life, we've had enough rubbish, we want good things now.
So anyway, here is the cover of the latest Hilary Long Murder Mystery, I love it. Hope you will too, I think it's the best Hilary I've written, it'll make you laugh and make you cry, and will be out later this week.

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