Wednesday, 2 March 2016


It's finished!   It's really really finished!!

My last part of the two part Hilary Long mystery.  It took a while. It was like work, you wouldn't believe I was doing this for fun!

So now I have a new book to start. I'm back at Waddesdon next week, we have our 1940s nightclub on Saturday, The original Traders Market,the following week.  Meeting new SK recruits in Oxford one evening, visits from friends at Easter then the SK season starts, life rolls on fast and furious.

I bought myself a huge bunch of flowers for mother's day, I deserve them, I was a brilliant mum!  They are my favourite colours, reds, oranges, yellows, roses, zinnias, lilies, a ray of sunshine on a gale-force and sleeting day.

I'm going to start on some new clothes for knotting, haven't had a new dress for ages!
I've been given some real 1940s dress patterns so I can't wait to have ago at them.

As you can see I'm trying really hard to be upbeat.

Bad things will always happen, it's just for the moment I'm ignoring them.


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