Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Got a germ!  Incredible waves of queasiness followed by stomach cramps and a visit to the smallest room in the house. Lots of times!

It's the sort of thing you get from people not washing their hands - not me - I'm OCD clean.
But I've been taking risks recently, like coffees and teas out.

Most people my age taking risks go for parachute training like my dear hubby, or a safari across the African savanna like my old school friend, or even flying a vintage aircraft, going to New York for a weekend's shopping in Designer shops.

Not me, it's having a cup of tea made and given to me by a stranger in a tea bar. I have to trust that stranger as I have severe allergies and intolerances.

So while out at the weekend I had not one, but two cups of tea at a Festival, getting cocky I thought to myself. No blood blisters appeared in my mouth, so all well and good. The following day however the germ raised it's ugly head in my direction!

Also yesterday, germ on board, and trying to fight it, I had visual disturbances when a friend and I were discussing awful things. I got a flashing light semi circle and drifting oblong blobs of semi-transparent white stuff that pulled my optics out in both eyes.

Quick visit to our lovely doctor who saw me in her lunch hour and told me I had an optic migraine and high blood pressure.

I can see well again now, I've still got the germ but the cramps aren't so bad, and I have to go back to the Doctors today to see if my BP has gone down.

Blaughh - what a wreck. Probably because I am really busy, socially, mentally, and physically -I do all the things I do - because at my age, I may never get another chance.

I'm trying to make a scratch on this world before I leave it. With my books, my blogs, my
mad shananigans, my fight for women's rights - that should have been done and finished
in the 1970s - yet it still goes on.

I still think I'm thirty three - the same age as my son - I'm frustrated in trying to do countless things in a body that doesn't work - after years of keep fit classes, starvation diets, and badminton in the lunch hours to try to keep well. 

This year in two weeks I walked for 58 hours. I have climbed to the highest point on Kenilworth Castle and St Michaels' Mount, I have taken part in 4 or 5 Sealed Knot events
I have learnt to dance the Charleston, and rush about a Manor House of 120 rooms as a guide.  You think I would be be fit after all that!

Anyway hope you are all fit well and feisty - do something today to make you smile - xx



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