Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Dorset dreaming

I woke this morning wanting to go to our granite window to see the cows grazing in the field opposite and the glittering silver atlantic on the horizon.  Instead I am on the Dorset/Devon borders watching the daylight grow over the dusky green of lush summer fields.

Cornwall has gone from my life for the moment, I still miss it, our nice neighbours, our windy garden. Driving through the narrow Cornish hedges to Penzance to go to Tescos, and coming over the hill to see St Michael's Mount sitting proudly in the jelly green sea.

On the Penzance seafront over the 1930s brilliant white swimming pool brightly coloured flags flap in the sea breeze. What the Cornish lacked in money they made up for in coloured flags and crepe paper costumes. St Pirans Day, Lafrowda day, but every day was a holiday to them. Most shops, even in the tourist season, closed at 3pm even on a Saturday. 

Driving down the motorway to the south west yesterday brought it all back for moment. But it's gone and I have to get used to that.

It's early, half past six, and the day is full of promise. Some of the world is awake, farmers on tractors, lorry drivers, the stunning view has a soundtracck of vehicles making their way to work. Last night was silent enough.

Little white cottages nestle between the dark green bushy trees on the hill and a slight mist is disappearing over the horizon. Down the road is Lyme Regis and the sea.
I love the sea, the colours of it, the white foamy breakers as they curl and burst onto the sand. I love the sound it makes as it rattles the sand and shells on the beach as it moves to and fro.

Whenever I have moments of distress I take my mind back to that gloriously sunny day a year or so ago on Godrevey sands. Where paddling in the cold blue waters on a hot day made me smile. Listening to the wind in the marran grass as it moved in waves like the sea.
Hypnotic, comforting, the way it has always done and always will do.

Turning looking out to sea and on it's own little island stands Godrevey lighthouse, tall sparkling white, against a deep blue sky.

I may be in Dorset but my heart and mind are still in Cornwall. Dorset we have yet to discover. Like a box of secret treasures waiting to be opened, even if it rains, we will be by the coast, exploring, chatting, laughing,bickering. Eating picnics and being with each other, because after all that is a huge part of life. Holding your lover in your arms, walking together hand in hand, spending time together, because time flies so fast you have to grab the
precious moments as they occur.


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