Friday, 22 July 2016

Fame at last!

I have a letter published in the BBC History magazine!  Hooray and thank you !

I wrote because of an article in the magazine which discussed history books, and a couple of the panel didn't think that self publishing History books was a good thing.

The panel consisted of a tv presenter, whose father was a tv presenter. A historian who had wealthy parents, and other well connected famous people from priviledged backgrounds.

While they were fully supported in their endeavours and had doors opened for them. I'm not saying they didn't work hard. I imagine they did. I did not have any doors opened for me, so while they stood in front of the cameras - I was behind them - earning a living to support my family.

Here is my letter: I had originally called it The Right to Write, but they have retitled it

Salute to Self Publishing - which I approve of.

I have just finished reading your 200th issue from cover to cover and I'm pleased to say it is as controversial and informative as ever. To add to the controversy I wish to take issue with your "Books Interview" and Andrew Roberts comments about self-published books. Without the aid of famous or affluent parents, I have written a book about my passion: 17th-century and, specifically women's history. After 20 years research, and living in the 17th century as a re-enactor, my book, The Women of the English Civil War is selling well in bookshops and on Amazon. 

I realise that Andre Roberts dislikes self publishing, but if I hadn't written this book, the history of these women's unrewarded bravery and suffering would remain untold. Hidden away for 400 years their voices would have been largely lost. So I decided to speak for them.

I now work in the heritage industry and realise that the only thing the general public thought
they knew about women in the English Civil War was that they were whores and baggage,
so it was time to redress the issue.

Also this week I have been invited to take part in a TV programme called "Come Dine with Me."  My butcher Henry, thinks I should do it as I could be the difficult one who can't eat anything.  I said there was little point, as I was busy enough, and still allergic to quite a lot of food.

Dear Hubby agreed while laughing, that I shouldn't do it. When I asked why, he said, "Well, lets face it - you don't take criticism well - they'd have to bleep out all the WTF's and the
rest of the contestants hair would be standing on end and you'd probably finish the programme with a punch!"

I have to say he has a point - I'm not as magnanimous as I think I am.

Have a good day everyone!


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