Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Holdenby Hall

A Sealed Knot Major over a two day weekend. Normally they're on Bank Holidays. Unable to get there on the Friday, we started off from the caravan storage place early Saturday. It was only an hour away so we'd left plenty of time.

As we drove out we saw a couple with an enormous caravan stuck across the entrance which was also the exit to the caravan park. They were trying to get it into a small space without the help of a truck. The space was also on gravel which made it pretty impossible to push as the wheels stuck. 

The lady of the couple was laughing hands on hips, not helping at all. So desperate to get underway, I suggested that they get the site manager and his little tow vehicle. In the end my dear hubby went and got the manager, as they stood about like headless chickens wondering what to do next.  Then hubby helped push the massive van with the owner finally deciding to do something to get his caravan out of our way.

My darling man is very very kind, he's also very skinny. He's quite strong though, in his wiryness! However, it took nearly an hour for them to do this. 

Anyway late, we set off again, stopped for a quick coffee and a biscuit, and arrived at the site around two.  It was a ridge and furrow field. In case you don't know what that looks like
take a look at this. We weren't told it was ridge and furrow. We were told it was "challenging"

Image result for furrow and plough
Photo By Matt Neale from UK

Pretty lumpy is what I'd call it. Caravans were getting knocked to bits, we lost the back feet off ours which was common, loads of people had done that. Some poor devil lost the back off his £20K six week old caravan. Some had their clutches burnt out.

Parking angel, I pleaded, can we please have a good place to set up? We drove to the end of the site which was full, and had to turn round, by hand, then drive out again, we went to the gate guards to tell them that the bottom of the site was full and people were parking in the roads, so it was getting impossible to turn round and loads of Knotters were getting stuck.  Knotters are a good crowd, for every one that will stop and laugh at your predicament, there are twenty others who'll pitch in and help.

The gate guards and the Parking Angel were WONDERFUL we were put on flat ground by the Traders fayre, and as lots of our friends are Traders we had a really pleasant stay. We had lots of visitors, strangely where years ago wine or beer was the thing, our friends drank tea coffee and fruit juice!  How times have changed - well we have all changed I suppose - now on more medications that clash with alcohol!!

Holdenby House was open and interesting, I wanted to clean the paintings though, some good ones, but all needing the dirt and old varnish taking off. The weather was heavy rain intersperced with burning sun. I didn't get to the battle which was on yet another "challenging" field, but hubby did -he musketeered and I living historied.

All in all a really fun weekend, our German guests enjoyed the battle and the house, our
resident aged and most honorable cavalier became a flag bearer, and many photos were
taken of everyone. There was even a film crew - but we missed them somehow.

As I picked up my Holdenby Hall medal, there's a pewter medal for each SK Event usually,
I think this is no.240. I have a box full of medals and memories attached to each one. Each Sealed Knot event is an adventure, each one is different, each one is terrific fun.

Off to the seaside now - have a good week everyone.

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