Thursday, 28 July 2016

Strange times

It's difficult enough to live a normal life as it is, but every time I turn on the news there's some horrific event, it's almost as if Demons are whispering in the ears of ordinary people, enticing them to do their bidding.

Years ago if you broke up with a boy/girl /man/woman friend, you did NOT seek revenge. You moved on. That bit of your life had played out and you moved on. 
If you had a problem with a doctor who saved your life, but hurt you during the procedure  you didn't offer to "stab them up." as I heard in the Radcliffe a couple of weeks ago.

Evil preys on the minds of the uneducated. They are the ones who skipped school, didn't need Uni, jobs were for losers.  As they roam about the streets like feral animals, they see people who have worked hard, are educated, and are reaping the rewards, and they're jealous.

They are jealous of the hard working Asians and Europeans who have carved out a life for themselves in a hostile environment against the odds. They are jealous of the Doctors and Teachers and Businessmen and women, the Scientists they call nerds.

Without these people, there would be no Benefits for them to claim, no Doctors to save their lives, no curry houses to celebrate in, no cures for their self-inflicted diseases, and no films, games entertainment, mobile phones, new gadgets.  Do they think these things come about by  accident?  No. By education and development of problem solving ideas.  You can't get that down the tanning salon or the tattoo parlour.

At work yesterday, a girl of about 15 in a sugar pink T shirt with "Don't talk to me - you're boring." slogan walked in with her much tattooed mother, and I couldn't help myself. I said loudly "EXCUSE ME!  I take issue with that - I'm not boring, I was learning to Charleston at the weekend, what did you do?"  She went scarlet from the neck up.

Later I came across them again and the ignorance of the whole family was absolutely amazing. The girl asked if the portraits of the women on the wall were of real people
because they had too many clothes on!  This comment included the notorious Emma Hamilton, Nelson's lover, lying half naked on a couch!  When I started talking about the clothes she suddenly perked up and got interested and asked how "Crinoline ladies" as she called them went to the toilet. (Why do people always want to know that sort of stuff?)

I told her how the frame was light and could be lifted and that they sat on the toilet face forwards as their bloomers were split in two.  I then said that she and her mother would have been outrageous in those days as they would look like they were walking about in their
underwear. The father said they were already outrageous and didn't need any help. We all laughed.

But the comments you hear as people walk round the Manor always show ignorance.
"I suppose this is the room he brought all his Mistresses to, they were all at it."
(It wasn't - he didn't)
"I bet the women had to kept right away from the men." 
(Some of them were married to each other!)
"Wonder how many servant girls got knocked up by the men here?"
(As far as I know they managed that amongst themselves!)
"No,none of these paintings are real - they're all copies."
(They ARE all real.)
"It's too garish - look at all this French furniture, and what's worse it's French."
(There's nothing wrong with the French!)

Some people don't even look at anything they just walk through the house talking about their friendgs or on their phone. Why do they bother to come?

It was a hard day anyway, more redundancies, the staff who are left, will be doing twice as much work. None of it made sense.

Today an e.mail request from the department got my back up. Could we turn up (on a day we don't usually work), for no pay, in our best clothes, men in jackets and ties, and could ladies dress smartly and bring children or seniors so that we could pretend to be visitors and have our photos taken for the new website.

How about they take photos of actual guests? Perhaps Arsenal T shirts over a capacious stomach and crop tops and shorts on women, both sexes showing off their unreadable tattoos are not what they are looking for!  There are plenty of other visitors, old men in age-old safari suits accompanied by their young Thai brides. 

Who I'd love to see come to the Manor are men like Hugh Grant, James Fleet, Colin Firth, dashing educated mature men nicely dressed, or Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth.  Women like Meryl Streep, Germaine Greer, Emma Watson or Adele. Mature, middle aged, young, but hopefully well turned out and intelligent.  

I want a NERDVANA!

What's wrong with bringing the human race upwards? Wouldn't it be nice if there was no terror or murders or stalkers or horrible gossips? What if there was more time for fun?
I thought by now there would at least be jet packs for everyone!  I don't want an Aldous Huxley Brave New World - I want a lovely fun, interesting, amazing world.  It's there
already we just have to find it.

What a rant - glad I got that out of my system!



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